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General information

Dolomite Mineral Show welcomes collectors, businessmen, Italian and foreign enthusiasts, professional associations, government agencies, which act to promote research, information and discoveries.

During the exhibition, you can sell entomology and malacology products, minerals from different countries, cut stones for hobbies and collecting, precious and semiprecious stones.

It is also allowed to sell jewelry, mineral or organic form of which has not been altered. The items for sale or exchange should be labeled with name and origin of the jewelry.

You can sell the research, preparation, storage and classification equipment, as well as books, magazines, publications, devices related to minerals, fossils, reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish tanks, herbs and plants.

All participants except the owners of minerals and fossils must have a license to sell.

If the exhibition is cancelled by any reason, its members will be refunded only for the entry fee. If the event was discontinued after opening, there will be no refunds.

The exhibitor shall be liable only for what he provides. The organization doesn’t incur legal or tax liability. Participants must comply with the tax laws of their own country as well Italian laws.

The official catalog. The organization provides with an online and printed version of the official catalog of the exhibition, which includes all information received within 30 days before the event starts. The organization accepts no responsibility for mistakes in the catalog or for the typographical errors on the part of the participant.

The organization is not responsible for theft, person or property damage, even if there is nighttime surveillance.

To become a member of our exhibition, you must register yourself, by completing the application form and making sure to name the products. By registering, you commit to abide the terms and conditions of the exhibition.

Registered office of our company is located in Belluno and in case of any conflict, the organization recognizes solely the competence of the Court in Belluno.


Registration is designed to make a reservation for one or more areas.

The structure of each area consists of a 2×0.7 m table.
The price of the table is €35.

It is possible to make a reservation by the meters.

By request, there is a possibility of installing a stand with or without a table, with a base price of €50/m². Corner stands cost €60/m². For any other queries, please contact the organization.

Standart equipment includes: carpet, one socket (3 kW), 2-3-4 levels, depending on the area and a chair at each table.

All prices are excluding VAT.

The number of exhibitors' passes, stands and tables:
TablesPasses StandPasses
1-32 small3
4-63 middle4
7+5 big5

We also provide a pass for the car.

Additional passes are €6, with a maximum of one pass for each table.

Reservations will be confirmed only after full payment. Money for paid, but canceled reservation will be fully returned. There will be no refunds, if the cancellation took place less than 30 days before the exhibition.

There is no need for a prior staff notice for technical necessities, planimetry and the alignment of individual exhibitors.

Rules of conduct during the exhibition

Time dedicated to equipping exhibitors’ stands and tables
  • Friday 09:30–22:00
  • Saturday 7:30–9:00
  • Sunday 8:00–9:00

Participants who want to equip their stands and tables can do it on Friday. The exhibition staff will be available until 23:00.

We would appreciate a prior notice about the arrivals on Friday.

In case of any delays, please contact the organizers. The exhibition closes at 23:00 and the entry for the equipment will be closed as early as 22:00.

If the tables or stands won’ t be occupied until the public opening of the exhibition, they will be deemed canceled (no refunds), however they can be assigned to the waiting list, if there is a prior notice of the delay. Participants wishing to attend the exhibition only on Sunday need to inform us in advance, preferably at the time of reservation.

Exhibitors who make reservations and are not present at the event (except for a prior cancellation, communicated to the organizators) will not be accepted to the future events and will be brought to the attention of our partners.

Abandoning the usage of proper table or stand does not provide the return of the rights to use it.

To get a designated area, the exhibitor must comply with the rules of payment.

Furniture and appliances installation must be verified by certificates of conformity in accordance with the regulations on public safety.

Protected species must be verified and sold on a mandatory basis of CITES documents.


In accordance with the law number 1089 of June 1, 1939, it is forbidden to exhibit and exchange Italian minerals.

It is forbidden to transfer (also on a free basis), change (without the consent of the organization) the reserved areas.

It is not allowed to interfere with or to occupy the areas larger than your own.

Advertising in any form is not permitted outside your allocated area.

Demonstrations and tests, which could jeopardize the safety of people are forbidden, as well as turning on any machines without the written consent of the organization.

You can not transfer, lend or resell the passes.

It is prohibited to disassemble your stand or table before the closing of the exhibition.

You may not use, reproduce the logo and brand of Reptiles Day Dolomite Mineral Show without the written permission of the organization.

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